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Happy First Day of Fall — Fall Into Your Passion

There’s no time like the start of a new season to try something new—either for yourself or for your community. If you are a writer like me, you are probably compulsive about your craft. It takes a sort of obsession to be a writer—an obsession to start and finish an article, story or book. Perhaps, it takes this type of personality to bring any type of project to fruition.

After many years of being a writer, I also understand the importance of making the leap out of the office and away from the computer, journal or legal pad to wander into the real world in order to bring some awareness to an issue in the community or do something which unites your spirit with the community and/or the world.

For me personally, I have the need to inspire and teach others the power of writing, whether it’s for publication or to heal personal wounds. This has been an ongoing mission and passion of mine. Not all authors have the need to bring awareness to a particular subject. For example, in a recent Time Magazine interview with author Janet Evanovich (June 22, 2009), she was asked if she felt inclined to use her success to bring awareness to a certain issue. She said that she thought it was appropriate for some authors, but it didn’t seem appropriate for her. She explained by saying that she saw herself as an entertainer and that’s what she liked to do. I admire Janet’s honesty in knowing what is right for her. I also know that perhaps because of my past profession as a nurse, that I have an instinct to help and teach others. Today, I have decided to teach journaling to teenage girls at Girls Inc. in Carpinteria. They are excited about my visit and I’m excited about sharing my passion. It’s a win-win situation for us all and I hope the beginning of a series of similar events.

Think of what you might do that is different this Fall. Do you have a passion you would like to share with others? Is there a new hobby you want to bring into your life? Today is a good day to pull out your journal and jot down any ideas you may have and turn over a leaf of paper as the first colorful one change colors on your backyard tree.

Seasonal Journaling

Each season offers its own unique beauty, but if I had to choose my favorite writing season, it would be spring. There is something about the flecks of sunlight, the bursting of yellow, white and mauve crocuses, different color tulips, infant buds, the smell of spring rain and sound of thunder, which drives me to the blank page to an essay or poem. In springtime, my most treasured moments are spent sitting at the little bistro table in my garden with a new notebook cracked open, writing whatever flutters into my mind. I may be inspired by the wings of a passing butterfly or charmed by the smells and wonders of spring. I love hearing the sound of the chirping birds and watching the baby rabbits chasing one another in and out of the bushes surrounding my house. In the spring the air has a renewed freshness about it, a sense of newness, free from toxins.

With the arrival of summer, there is another sense of newness, but it’s also a time when the kids out of school and traveling becomes paramount in many people’s lives. Editors and publishers take holidays and manuscripts often sit on desks unopened. The fall offers another new beginning as we welcome the changing colors of the deciduous trees.

Winter is a good time to be indoors and for some this is conducive to writing. Personally, I see winter as an ideal season to revise my newest musings and also a good time to send work to publishers and magazines after months of brewing on the pages of my journal or behind the brightness of this computer screen. An acceptance letter is a good way to bring the needed warmth during that time of year, when the natural world hibernates awaiting next spring where a new story is born. No doubt, my writing season lasts 365 days per year. For me, being a writer means being overtaken and obsessed by the profession which chose us, regardless of the season or the vulgarities or niceties of the weather.

Quote of the Week

"A writer uses a journal to try out the new step in front of the mirror."

~Mary Gordon

About Me

I am a memoirist, essayist, poet and teacher whose passion is keeping a notebook. My notebook is my muse and my alter ego. It contains personal snippets of my life and observations from the world around me. Diarist Anaïs Nin has been a great source of inspiration for me. My hobbies include writing, writing and more writing, but when I have extra time, I enjoy reading, walking, hiking, yoga, working out, cooking and hanging out with my family and Maltese Poodle, Spunky. In order not to become ensconced by the glare of my computer screen, I also teach in the UCLA Extension Writers' Program and in various conferences and festivals around the country. My pleasure comes from sharing my joy of journaling with professional writers and anyone interested in writing.

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